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I am a skin care therapist from Sweden and hop inbetween my home city of Stockholm and London. I love the outdoors, especially the seaside, tropical holidays and sometimes the odd adrenaline sport!

I am constantly researching both mainstream and alternative skin care therapys and products. I thought Hubpages might be a good place to share some of my thoughts, knowledge and experience.

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    RoC Skin Care

    4 years ago

    Roc skin Care is now one the most widely recognizable and successful companies in the world, mainly due to its break-through in the science of anti-ageing skin care products with its development of a stable form of...

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    Free Radicals and Acne

    2 years ago

    Medical research into the causes of acne in recent years, has highlighted many more causes than what was previously understood. Teenagers, specifically teenage boys, appear to have the highest incidence of acne, and...

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    Japanese Skin Care Products

    4 years ago

    There has been alot of press recently, not surprisingly, about some of the more bizarre skin and beauty treatments to be inspired by Japan - the Nightingale Droppings Facial, Goldfish pedicure and the Bull Semen Hair...

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    Tanning Beds - Good or Bad?

    4 years ago

    Lets get one thing straight first off - whether you are tanning outdoors or indoors, you are still damaging your skin. Just as over-exposure to the sun can cause premature wrinkling of the skin, sunburn and an...

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